It’s Late Spring. It’s Now or Never – Time to De-clutter.

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May 31, 2014 by urbanhealthjunkie

We live in a heady world, replete with distractions at every turn (which often appeal to the more superficial aspects of us). We tend to be distracted, hugely, by stuff that could just roll off our backs.

Our ‘monkey mind’ jumps uncontrollably from one thought to another, becoming lost in endless loops of thought. This results in unproductive, mindless chatter and perpetuates self-obsession, preventing us connecting deeply, with loving care, to others and the world around us. It depletes our energy and those around us and blocks our intuition and ability to feel what‘s really going on within and around us. This is one of the major causes of suffering.

Are you ready to start de-cluttering?



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